Deuteronomy 6:4-9 - Teach Them Diligently

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Our Busy Summer

June - 2006 The kids and I (Sharon) went to Duluth to visit family and we had a lot of fun. I wanted to see my parents home - which I lived in for over ten years before it got put on the market.

Wesley took Gymnastic classes he got pretty good at walking the balance beam. He loved jumping off into a big pile of foam squares.

July -
The kids and I had fun riding bike and going to Wilie Park to Storybook Land for Story time. Wesley was involved in the summer reading program and he really wanted this crab hat in the display so when his name was picked the Library Ladies Nancy and Alie made sure he got it. He was extremely happy!

I (Sharon) had my tonsils removed it wasn't much fun! Though Tony took good care of me!

Aug. 2006
Tony - served over a thousand hotdogs to the community at National Night Out through the Salvation Army
Tony has started Christmas prep at the Salvation Army (SALLY- as we call it here)

We made a trip to MO. to see family. Had a great time visting and it was worth the trip even with 4 days of travel.

I (Sharon) have recovered from my tonsil surgery, I've started interpreting one day a week again, and have become a consultant for USBORNE books at home called UBAH. Type to get to my e-commerce site. Usborne has great books for kids from newborns through 12th grade. As well as books that we adults would find interesting. I am enjoying the challenge this is presenting to me. Feel free to share this with other friends and family this will help make this venture a success.

Wesley and I have started pre-school here at home with Sonlight materials. Mostly it is play and reading lots of great books together. I'll tell more about that in future posts.

Wesley - is having a grand time being the big brother. He is a fun, social boy; who loves to cuddle and read books. He also loves watching movies and playing outside with our neighbor Hugh.

Irina is walking and saying words like Daddy, Mama, Lady, uh oh, yes. She is an absolute doll and her blue eyes are killer. She has such a fun personality and is such a joy. She can climb the ladder of the slide all by herself, sit down, turn around to go down feet first and will do it again and again and again. She can't wait to do all the things her brother is able to do and of course she loves watermelon.

I'll write again soon.