Deuteronomy 6:4-9 - Teach Them Diligently

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Lemonade, Lemonade for Sale!

In May, Wesley kept asking me if he could have a Lemonade stand and sell Lemonade to raise money for our plane tickets - since he can’t wait to go on a plane ride again.  He loves, loves, loves plane rides.  I put him off , since it was so wet in May.  

In June he was distracted by the Discovery Theater he participated in.  Then on a “boring” day last Thursday he decided it was now time.  We had things to discuss.  I had bought the lemonade and the cups but we still needed some signs.  We also were still discussing the price that should be charged for a cup of lemonade.  He wanted to charge $5 a glass since that would earn our tickets faster.  Irina wanted to sell a glass for $0.10.  We settled on 50 cents for a glass of lemonade. 

With the sign made, Wesley, headed out to begin his lemonade sales.   For a good hour - you could hear -  “Lemonade, LEMONADE for sale!”  - an hour!  He did loose a little steam that day.  Now each day he heads out - dragging the table out, setting up the chairs and bringing the cups and lemonade outside.  He needs some help pouring so we don’t end up with lemonade all over the table. 

He continues to sell the lemonade - though he is loosing a little bit of steam.  Yesterday was HOT! and he got tired.  He told me. “I just want 1000 cars to line up so I can give them lemonade and so we can get to Moldova.

We have explained a little about the cost of plane rides for a family of five, while not killing his enthusiasm for helping us raise the support.  He has given us all his piggy bank money once already to help with the plane tickets.  He had a story done on him by  KELOLAND news titled:  Lemonade With A Mission.