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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sounds of Summer - Keepsake idea

I found this amazing Bird-field guide, while doing some researching for our summer Science program.

This particular bird reminds me of summer and I am so glad that winter is over!

Check it out and listen to it sing it might remind you of summer days too.
Song Sparrow -

A neat summer project to do with your kids:
When you see a bird look it up and print off a photo.  On the back write down interesting facts about the bird like what it likes to eat and what kind of nests it makes.  Then write down where and when you saw it.  Collect all the birds into a small book making a great keepsake.  Your kids will love it and will learn a lot about the birds around them.   It will be neat to hear my children be able to say the name of the birds around us.



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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Irina turned 5 on April 6th

On April 6th 2010 Irina turned 5 years old!  

We had a family birthday party on her birthday, so here is her typical Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.

Making her wish with five candles.

Because her birthday fell on a Tuesday we had an all GIRL party April 9th 2010.
The theme for the party evolved - from a Strawberry Shortcake party to an art party.  The kids had a lot of fun creating artwork.  I just let them loose to play and create.

So what would a five year old pick for the lunch menu?  MAC N CHEESE of course!

Then time for birthday cake and presents!

Then off to "Central Park" across the street for a rousing game of Duck, Duck, Loon!  A Minnesota Twist!

The gaggle of girls from youngest to oldest!

Two, Three, Four, Five, Five, Six, Seven and Nine!

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Homeschool Update: Math-U-See Alpha

I remember in my 9th grade Algebra class the teacher had done the examples from the book on the board and then told us to do the practice problems and show our work.  I just didn't get it.  I approached the teachers desk thinking maybe he would explain it another way, but instead he said to me.

"I already showed you what to do look at the examples."

I walked back to my desk and stared at the my math book and just knew that I hated math.  I had never felt confident in math and now I just felt plain stupid.

When I was looking into a math programs I wanted something that would truly help my children not just learn math but understand it in a way that I never did.  Within the homeschooling communities I heard about Math-U-See and decided to check it out.  At that time we had them send us a demo video - now you can see those videos right on the website at:  Math-U-See TV .

It was great and I felt that not only could I present math to my children in a confident way that wouldn't pass on my fear of math, and my children would truly understand math in a way that I never did.  Not to mention, that in the process of teaching it I would gain a new found aptitude in math as well.

My son loves math and it is so fun to see him adding and subtracting numbers in his head - no need to use those fingers and toes.  He thinks and sees the math in his head and sees the answer.  He just finished the second book in the Math-U-See sequence of books.

I highly recommend this math program.  If you are looking for a homeschool math program and want one that truly teaches math - this is the program for you.  If you have a public school child who doesn't get Math.  Work through this program and I am certain they will start to see math in a way that causes them to finally get it.