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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Irina writes her numbers for the first time

Irina was very proud of her numbers.  We have been working on the numbers for a few weeks now, with a big break while we took a trip out of town.   I told her to write all the numbers and didn't really expect that she would do this well.  We also worked on the first five of the clock letters.  Letters a, c, d, g, and qu.  She didn't do so well on qu but the a, c, d, and g letters went really well.  We are using Cursive First for our handwriting program and are enjoying it very much.  The salt box is a great way to practice writing letters - in the back ground of a few of the photos you can see Lucy playing in the salt box.

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Alicia said...

Way to go, IRINA!! Keep that one for the scrapbook, mom!!